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First you will need a working version of hammer on the Orange Box version of the source engine, CSS is preferable when working with Garry's Mod. 

This documentation will only refer to the Counter-Strike: Source Hammer version.

Hammer Assets

Before you can start creating Zombie Survival maps, you will need to download our asset files.

You can download these from here:

Simply extract to your CSS base folder.

This download includes a few items:

  • FGD File (More on that later)
  • Models and materials for the mystery box

FGD File

The FGD File located in /bin is the file that specifies custom entities for Zombie Survival such as zombie spawns.

You shouldn't need to edit this file, only reference it.

Importing the FGD in to Hammer

Go to Tools > Options

Under "Game Data Files" click "Add"

Go to the /bin folder and select wz_zombies.fgd

That's it! Hammer configuration is done.

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