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Below is a list of Glove Bump Maps to use in your vmt. This is required for any gloves that are to be submitted to WarZone Gaming to be added to the servers.


Even though the paths below start with "models" this is the path in the material system. So simply copy and paste the path and set $bumpMap to that value.

The actual path is in "materials" but the material system never references it's own path.

Glove TypeMaterial Path
Bloodhound Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_bloodhound_normal
Moto Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_motorcycle_normal
Driver Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_slick_normal
Specialist Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_specialist_normal
Sport Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_sporty_normal
Hydra Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_hydra_normal
Hard Knuckle Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_hardknuckle_normal
Fingerless Loves


Fullfinger Glovesmodels/warzone/gloves/glove_fullfinger_normal
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