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Below is a list of Knife Exponents/phongs to use in your vmt to create a "shiny" effect. This is of course, completely optional, and if you do not wish to do this, you can simply use the "Weapons" VMT example for your knife.


Even though the paths below start with "models" this is the path in the material system. So simply copy and paste the path and set $phongexponenttexture to that value.

The actual path is in "materials" but the material system never references it's own path.

If the shiny effect in any case does not work or is too shiny when you've followed all the steps correctly. Then this will most likely be due to the incorrect Exponent being used, do not worry about this too much however, as we'll try to find the proper Exponent for your skin.

KnifeMaterial Path
Shadow Daggersmodels\csgo_knife\knife_push_exponent
Bowie Knifemodels\csgo_knife\knife_survival_bowie_exponent
Butterfly Knifemodels\csgo_knife\knife_butterfly_exponent
Falchion Knifemodels\csgo_knife\knife_falchion_advanced_ao
Flip Knifemodels\csgo_knife\flipknife_ultraviolet_exponent
Gut Knifemodels\csgo_knife\knife_gut_ao
Huntsman Knifemodels\csgo_knife\knife_tactical_ao
M9 Bayonetmodels\csgo_knife\m9_bay_ao
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