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If some or all skins are not showing, and you have tried subscribing to the workshop, try the following:

  • Close Garry's Mod
  • Navigate to your Garry's Mod Directory

  • Go to the "garrysmod" folder
  • Go to the "addons" folder
  • Delete all .gma files which start with warzone_ 
  • Start Garry's Mod and wait for the GMA files to download and re-mount

If the above does NOT work

We have a client dedicated to downloading files and creating an addon in your Garry's Mod addons folder.

This is currently only for Windows. There are no plans for a Linux or MacOS version.

You can download WarZone Sync from here:

Install the client and then start WarZone Sync, you will be prompted to point to where hl2.exe is in the Garry's Mod directory.

Once done, the client will start downloading WarZone Content

CS:S Content

WarZone Sync can also download CSS, before this downloads, it will prompt and ask you if you want to download and install it.

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