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To create a music kit, it must been these standards and rules. Failing to do so will result in your submission getting rejected.

There are length and naming standards that must be adhered to.  See the table below for more information. All tracks are required to be in mp3 format. 

You should also name your MP3 files exactly as shown in the "File Name" column in the table below.

TypeUsageMax LengthFile Name
Main MenuMap Voting screen2-4 minutesmainmenu.mp3
MVP AnthemWhen a player gets MVP8-15 secondsroundmvpanthem_01.mp3
Choose TeamTeam Selection Screen (GG/SDM/HNS etc)10-40 secondschooseteam.mp3
Won RoundRound was won, but the MVP does not have a music kit8-15 secondswonround.mp3
Lost RoundWhen you lost the round but the MVP on the other team does not have a music kit.8-15 secondslostround.mp3
DeathcamWhen you die and see the UI of who killed you4-10 secondsdeathcam.mp3
Bomb PlantedWhen the bomb has been planted (Not currently used, but you are still required to make this)42 seconds exactlybombplanted.mp3
Bomb 10 second countWhen there is 10 seconds left on a C4 Timer11 seconds onlybombtenseccount.mp3
10 second count down (Time left)When there are only 10 seconds left (Regardless of C4)11 seconds onlyroundtenseccount.mp3
Start RoundUsed in the "preparing" phase of a round (e.g buying weapons)at least 20 seconds
Start ActionWhen player leaves spawn after the preparing phaseNo more than 12 secondsstartaction_01.mp3

The lengths above must include your fading also, if you wish to do that, however it must be noted that if you do exceed the times specified above then your entry is likely to be rejected.

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