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If your Graffiti style is full color, you can ignore this page as Pattern Floats only apply to Monochrome Graffiti

To start with preview your Graffiti under all the default/built-in pattern floats. You can do this by clicking on "Built-In Pattern Floats" on the menu bar.

Creating Custom Pattern Floats

Creating custom pattern floats for Graffiti is completely optional and just using the default ones are perfectly acceptable.

However, if you do want to add more then go to Edit > Enable Pattern Floats

After that, go to Edit > Patterns

You will then have an empty Pattern Floats window, click on "Add Pattern"

Enter your name for the pattern variant. Take the default ones for example. It should be in this kind of format "Tracer Yellow" so "Description Color"

Click "Select Color"

Select your preferred color and then click OK.

Your pattern float window should now look similar to this:

Close the Window

At the top of the Window click Set Float > Pattern Name (e.g Hot Pink)

Your Graffiti will now have the color you selected.

You can specify as many pattern floats as you'd like, however we suggest adding no more than 10.

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